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M-Net July Calender

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M-Net, M-Net Binge, M-Net City – JULY 2017


Please see below the M-Net (channel 101), M-Net Binge (channel 900) andM-Net City (channel 115) highlights for July 2017.

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Saturday Movies

Saturday 01 July 2017

21:30 Blunt Force Trauma 16VSL Action
Ryan Kwanten (True Blood) stars in this fast-paced action drama, about a pair of gunfighters navigating their way through the underground duelling scene.

Saturday 08 July 2017

21:30 Death Fighter 16 Action
Vengeance is on the cards in this non-stop action drama. A cop teams up with a mercenary to get revenge on the killers who murdered his partner.

Saturday 15 July 2017

21:30 The Nice Guys 16VNL Action
Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling form a reluctant partnership in this buddy cop crime comedy. Set in 1970s Los Angeles, two detectives investigate the alleged suicide of a porn star.

Saturday 22 July 2017

21:30 Cross Wars 16 Action
Supernatural action weaves its way through this drama. A team of weapons experts battle to save humanity from a sinister immortal.

Saturday 29 July 2017

21:30 Beyond Valkyrie: Dawn Of The 4th Reich 16VNL War

Historical drama set in WWII. American soldiers attempt to infiltrate Germany to extract a resistance fighter.

Sunday Night Blockbusters

Sunday 02 July 2017

20:05 Bridget Jones's Baby 16SL Comedy
Oscar winner Renée Zellweger reprises her role as unlikely heroine Bridget Jones, who, in this sequel, finds herself pregnant and only fifty percent sure of who the father could be.

Sunday 09 July 2017

20:05 Ghostbusters PG13VL Action
Melissa McCarthy and an amazing female cast drive this pulsating remake of the 80s classic. Manhattan is being invaded by ghosts and it’s up to a rag-tag team of woman to save it.

Sunday 16 July 2017

20:05 Doctor Strange PG13VL Action
Benedict Cumberbatch dons a cape for this visually mesmerising Marvel superhero fantasy. A brilliant neurosurgeon is drawn into the powerful world of the mystic arts.

Sunday 23 July 2017

20:30 Mike And Dave Need Wedding Dates 16VSNL Comedy
Raucous comedy with an ensemble cast. Two unruly brothers place an online ad to find dates to their sister’s wedding, but the girls they find are just as uncontrollable as they are.

Sunday 30 July 2017

20:05 Deepwater Horizon 13VL Drama
Oscar-nominated drama, inspired by a true story. Mark Wahlberg stars as a technician on an oil rig, who courageously tries to save his fellow crewmen after a devastating explosion.

New, Returning & Series Finales

Saturday 01 July 2017

17:00 Superhuman 01 0001 *Season 1 Starts*
Ordinary people with extraordinary abilities show off their skills in a never-before-seen competition that will test the limits of belief.

Sunday 02 July 2017

17:00 Winging It 01 0022 *Season 1 Ends*
Well-loved SA celebs Janez Vermeiren and Siv Ngesi head on a tour, in this cheeky new local travel show that takes you on an adventure to some of the world’s most exotic cities.

Monday 03 July 2017

17:50 Great News 01 0001 "Pilot” *Season 1 Starts*
In the series premiere of this smart workplace comedy, frustrated news producer Katie is horrified when her overly involved somehow mother lands an internship at her show. From Emmy-winner Tina Fey.

Tuesday 04 July 2017

00:15 Falling Water 01 0001 "Don't Tell Bill" *Season 1 Starts*
The Emmy-winning producer of ‘Homeland’ penned this surreal psychological drama. In the series premiere, three unrelated people slowly realise that they share separate parts of a single, common dream.

Friday 07 July 2017

20:30 Scorpion 03 0001 "Civil War" *Season 3 Starts*
In the season premiere of this fast-paced crime drama, anonymous hackers target major cities after taking control of U.S. military aircrafts and warships.

22:30 The Good Place 01 0001 "Everything Is Fine" *Season 1 Starts*
In the series premiere of this unique comedy, Eleanor (Kristen Bell), an ordinary woman, enters the afterlife-and is mistakenly sent to the ‘Good Place’ instead of the ‘Bad Place’ where she belongs.

23:00 The Detour 02 0012 "The Ass" *Season 2 Ends*
In the season finale of this bawdy family comedy, the family is reunited, but this time it's Robin who makes a huge mistake. From the writers of ‘The Daily Show’.

Monday 10 July 2017

22:25 American Gods 01 0008 "Come To Jesus" *Season 1 Ends*

Based on author Neil Gaiman’s novel, this critically acclaimed epic fantasy follows an ex-convict who becomes the bodyguard of a powerful old deity, looking to reclaim his lost glory.

Tuesday 11 July 2017

21:30 Twin Peaks 2016 01 0009 *Season 1 Returns from Break*
Crime Based on the original cult classic, the revival of this murder-mystery drama follows the eccentric, dubious inhabitants of the quaint town of Twin Peaks.

Wednesday 12 July 2017

23:35 Code Black 02 0016 "Fallen Angels" *Series Ends*
In the season finale of the fast-paced medical drama, the doctors work with the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention to find an antidote to the deadly viral outbreak.

Thursday 13 July 2017

20:30 Suits 07 0001 *Season 7 Starts*
Gabriel Macht and Patrick J. Adams return as the dynamic duo in the popular drama, following the exploits of New York’s top dog lawyers in the high-stakes legal scene.

Friday 14 July 2017

23:00 Nowhere Boys 03 0001 #01 "Luke" *Season 1 Starts*
This coming-of-age Australian supernatural drama follows the adventures of four teenage boys who, after a mysterious encounter, discover they're stuck in a parallel world where they were never born.

Sunday 16 July 2017

17:00 Kicking & Screaming 01 0001 *Season 1 Starts*
Ten expert survivalists are partnered with a pampered group of civilians to face the toughest challenges of their lives, in this unique reality competition series.

Monday 17 July 2017

21:30 Game Of Thrones 07 0001 *Season 7 Starts* Note that Game Of Thrones will also be simulcast at 03:00 from Monday 17 July*
The epic struggle for power, survival and revenge is ongoing in the Emmy and Golden Globe-winning fantasy phenomenon that follows several families in the fictional kingdom of Westeros.

Wednesday 19 July 2017

23:35 The Night Shift 04 0001 "Recoil" *Season 4 Starts*
The producers of ‘90210’ created this fast-paced medical drama following the lives of a group of dedicated doctors and nurses in a chaotic hospital emergency room.

Thursday 20 July 2017

19:30 NCIS Los Angeles 08 0024 "Unleashed" *Season 8 Ends*
Sam goes rogue in an attempt to stop his arch nemesis, Tahir Khaled, from targeting his family again in the season finale of the Emmy-nominated crime drama.

Monday 24 July 2017

22:40 The Path 02 0001 "Liminal Twilight" *Season 2 Starts*
In the season premiere of this provocative drama exploring the workings of a mysterious faith-based organisation, Eddie (Golden Globe-nominee Aaron Paul) starts to build a life outside of The Movement.

Tuesday 25 July 2017

22:40 The Fall 03 0006 *Final Season Ends*
In the series finale of this chilling thriller following the hunt for a serial killer, Gibson (Golden Globe-winner Gillian Anderson) and Anderson put fresh evidence to Spector with explosive results.

Wednesday 26 July 2017

20:30 Blue Bloods 07 0022 "The Thin Blue Line" *Season 7 Ends*
When Danny intercepts a shipment of several million dollars that was heading to a drug cartel, he becomes a target in the season finale of this popular crime drama.

Thursday 27 July 2017

19:30 NCIS: New Orleans 03 0001 "Aftershocks" *Season 3 Starts*
Crime The NCIS team partners with several federal agencies to track a sniper, who targets crowded events in the city, in the season premiere of this acclaimed cop drama.

M-Net Binge

Saturday 1 July 2017

21:30 Grey's Anatomy 13 0001 "Undo" 13V

22:18 Grey's Anatomy 13 0002 "Catastrophe And The Cure" 13VL

23:06 Grey's Anatomy 13 0003 "I Ain't No Miracle Worker" 13VL

23:53 Grey's Anatomy 13 0004 "Falling Slowly" 13L

00:41 Grey's Anatomy 13 0005 "Both Sides Now" 13L

01:29 Grey's Anatomy 13 0006 "Roar" 13L

Sunday 02 July 2017

21:30 Grey's Anatomy 13 0007 "Why Try To Change Me Now" 13VL

22:17 Grey's Anatomy 13 0008 "The Room Where It Happens" 13

23:03 Grey's Anatomy 13 0009 "You Haven't Done Nothin'" 13V

23:51 Grey's Anatomy 13 0010 "You Can Look (But You'd Better Not Touch)" 13VL

00:39 Grey's Anatomy 13 0011 "Jukebox Hero" 13

01:26 Grey's Anatomy 13 0012 "None Of Your Business" 13

Saturday 08 July 2017
21:30 Grey's Anatomy 13 0013 "It Only Gets Much Worse" 13

22:18 Grey's Anatomy 13 0014 "Back Where You Belong" 13

23:06 Grey's Anatomy 13 0015 "Civil War" 13L

23:53 Grey's Anatomy 13 0016 "Who Is He (And What Is He To You)?" 13

00:41 Grey's Anatomy 13 0017 "Til I Hear It From You" 13

01:29 Grey's Anatomy 13 0018 "Be Still, My Soul" 13

Sunday 09 July 2017

21:30 Grey's Anatomy 13 0019 "What's Inside" 13

22:18 Grey's Anatomy 13 0020 "In The Air Tonight" 13V

23:04 Grey's Anatomy 13 0021 "Don't Stop Me Now" 13

23:51 Grey's Anatomy 13 0022 "Leave It Inside" 13SL

00:38 Grey's Anatomy 13 0023 "True Colors" 13V

01:23 Grey's Anatomy 13 0024 "Ring Of Fire" 13

Saturday 15 July 2017

21:30 The Fixer 06 0001 "Survival Of The Fittest" 16VL

22:18 The Fixer 06 0002 "Hardball" 16VL

23:06 The Fixer 06 0003 "Fates Worse Than Death" 16V

23:54 The Fixer 06 0004 "The Belt" 16V

00:42 The Fixer 06 0005 "They All Bow Down" 16L

01:30 The Fixer 06 0006 "Extinction" 16V

02:18 The Fixer 06 0007 "A Traitor Among Us" 16V

03:06 The Fixer 06 0008 "A Stomach For Blood" 16VL

Sunday 16 July 2017

21:30 The Fixer 06 0009 "Dead In The Water" 16VL
22:18 The Fixer 06 0010 "The Decision" 16SL

23:06 The Fixer 06 0011 "Trojan Horse" 16VS

23:54 The Fixer 06 0012 "Mercy" 16

00:41 The Fixer 06 0013 "The Box" 16V

01:28 The Fixer 06 0014 "Head Games" 16VS

02:16 The Fixer 06 0015 "Tick, Tock" 16L

03:04 The Fixer 06 0016 "Transfer Of Power" 16V

Saturday 22 July 2017

21:30 The Catch 02 0001 "The New Deal" 16VS

22:17 The Catch 02 0002 "The Hammer" 16V

23:04 The Catch 02 0003 "The Dining Hall" 16S

23:50 The Catch 02 0004 "The Family Way" 16S

00:36 The Catch 02 0005 "The Bad Girl" 16VSL

Sunday 23 July 2017

21:30 The Catch 02 0006 "The Hard Drive" 16VS

22:17 The Catch 02 0007 "The Birthday Party" 16

23:04 The Catch 02 0008 "The Knock-Off" 16VS

23:51 The Catch 02 0009 "The Cleaner" 16V

00:38 The Catch 02 0010 "The Mockingbird" 16V

Saturday 29 July 2017

21:30 How To Get Away With Murder 03 0001 "We're Good People Now" 16VL

22:18 How To Get Away With Murder 03 0002 "There Are Worse Things Than Murder" 16VSL

23:06 How To Get Away With Murder 03 0003 "Always Bet Black" 16VL

23:54 How To Get Away With Murder 03 0004 "Don't Tell Annalise" 16VSL

00:42 How To Get Away With Murder 03 0005 "It's About Frank" 16VSL

01:30 How To Get Away With Murder 03 0006 "Is Someone Really Dead?" 16VSL

02:18 How To Get Away With Murder 03 0007 "Call It Mother's Intuition" 16SL

03:07 How To Get Away With Murder 03 0008 "No More Blood" 16VL

Sunday 30 July 2017

21:30 How To Get Away With Murder 03 0009 "Who's Dead?" 16VL

22:18 How To Get Away With Murder 03 0010 "We're Bad People" 16VL

23:06 How To Get Away With Murder 03 0011 "Not Everything's About Annalise" 16L

23:54 How To Get Away With Murder 03 0012 "Go Cry Somewhere Else" 16VL
00:42 How To Get Away With Murder 03 0013 "It's War" 16L

01:30 How To Get Away With Murder 03 0014 "He Made A Terrible Mistake" 16VS

02:18 How To Get Away With Murder 03 0015 "Wes" 16V

M-Net City

New, Returning & Series Finales

Saturday 01 July 2017

23:00 The Detour 01 0001 "Pilot" *Season 1 Starts*
Bawdy family comedy starring Jason Jones (The Daily Show). In the series premiere, the Parker family head out on a road trip, where nothing is as it seems.

23:25 The Boondocks 04 0001 #404 "Pretty Boy Flizzy" *Season 4 Starts*
Pretty Boy Flizzy is arrested for armed robbery and exchanges relationship advice for a lawyer in the Season 4 premiere.

Sunday 02 July 2017

23:05 The Affair 03 0010 *Season 3 Ends*
After a chance encounter in the season finale, Noah (Golden Globe-nominee Dominic West) gets the possibility of healing a broken relationship. Golden Globe-winning drama from the producer of ‘House Of Cards’.

Saturday 08 July 2017

22:00 Homeland 06 0012 "America First" *Season 6 Ends*
In the gripping season finale of this high-stakes political thriller, Carrie (Golden Globe-nominee Claire Danes) has a realisation, and must act fast to save the President-elect.

Tuesday 11 July 2017

21:00 The Blacklist: Redemption 01 0008 "Whitehall: Conclusion" *Season 1 Ends*
In the season finale of this riveting spin-off of ‘The Blacklist’, Howard and Scottie face off for control of Halcyon, while Tom leads a raid to free mathematician Richard Whitehall.

Friday 14 July 2017

20:00 Blindspot 02 0001 "In Night So Ransomed Rogue" *Season 2 Starts*
The Emmy-nominated creator of ‘Arrow’ helms this cryptic crime drama. In the season premiere, Jane is persuaded to become a triple-agent within her old terrorist organization.

23:00 Vikings 04 0020 "The Reckoning" *Season 4 Ends*
Epic, Emmy-nominated drama that follows a Norse hero and his band of Viking brothers. In the season finale, Prince Aethelwulf finds himself subject to the Vikings' master battle plan.

Saturday 15 July 2017

21:00 House Of Cards 04 0001 #401 "Chapter 40" *Season 4 Starts*
Golden Globe winner Kevin Spacey stars in this critically acclaimed political drama. Claire's absence causes problems for Frank on the campaign trail, in the season


Monday 17 July 2017

23:00 Lucifer 01 "Pilot" *Season 1 Starts*
Neil Gaiman’s devilish comic book character entertains in this dark drama. In the series premiere, Lucifer, now retired as Lord of Hell, lives a life of pleasure in Los Angeles.

Tuesday 18 July 2017

21:00 Hyde & Seek 01 0001 #01 *Season 1 Starts*
This captivating Australian thriller follows a tough Australian detective who, in the series premiere, uncovers a dark network of criminals, following the murder of his best friend and partner.

Friday 21 July 2017

18:00 Major Crimes 05 0021 "Shockwave Part 2" *Season 5 Ends*
In the season finale of this acclaimed crime drama, Sharon Raydor (Emmy-nominee Mary McDonnell) and the team struggle to determine the next target of the bomber.

Monday 24 July 2017

18:00 Supergirl 02 0001 "The Adventures Of Supergirl" *Season 2 Starts*
In the season two premiere, Kara teams up with her cousin, Superman to stop a new threat. And Hank is stunned by the pod that crashed last season.

Tuesday 25 July 2017

18:00 The Flash 03 0001 "Flashpoint" *Season 3 Starts*
Season 3 begins with Barry living his dream life and no longer having to be the one saving the city now that Kid Flash has taken over that duty.

Wednesday 26 July 2017

18:00 DC's Legends Of Tomorrow 02 0001 "Out Of Time" *Season 2 Starts*
In the season premiere, historian Dr. Nate Heywood (Nick Zano) seeks out Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) for help in finding the scattered Legends.

Thursday 27 July 2017

18:00 Arrow 05 0001 "Legacy" *Season 5 Starts*
After Laurel's death and the departures of both Diggle and Thea from Team Arrow, Oliver takes to the streets solo to protect Star City's citizens as the Green Arrow.

Thursday 27 July 2017

18:00 Quantico 02 0001 "Kudove" *Season 2 Starts*
"While investigating the dark world of espionage at a mysterious CIA training facility, Alex becomes caught at the center of a conspiracy that threatens lives across the globe.
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