TVS is an abbreviation for TV-Series, The Board has decided that it would be better to pronounce TV-Series with TVS into our new upgraded system.
TVS is an Online Entertaimnent promoting website, TVS promotes latest movies and series across the globe that we've recieved from the studios, Our promotions include High Definition and Ultra HD videos (Trailers) and Exclusive clips such as the Avengers: Infinite War short documentary, and information of the movie/ series we promote including celebrity details, studio contacts and more, We've designed our own Database that is bigger and better for our visitors and subscribers to navigate with ease using our recommended Google custom search.
iSearch Engine is our main mother company that houses our bandwidth and Storage for our database. Also iSearch Engine is a business company that specializes other sister companies such as Compufix designing and Beauty, Rising Youth Movement sharity organisation, Web designing, Hosting and business promotions and Ad generator.
Yes. TV-Series mostly promotes DStv highlights (Content) recently we've approch DStv and the company is willing to work with us for the content promotions.
TV-Series has Google custom search that makes it better for the results when searching for any that's in our site even iSearch Engine result you can view with ease.
Another feature our competitors dont have is a monthly online magazine that help the user to download and view the magazine without connecting to the internet.
One of the important feature is our Series World Calendar (SWC) that specializes a monthly and daily calendar update, we have a full schedule calendar for Netflix, DStv,HBO,Showcase,FOX and more.
70% of our videos are in 720p (HD ready), 20% of our videos are in 1080p (Full HD) and 10% of our videos are in 3840p (Ultra HD). we don't promote the content SD on our database.
We do have a premium converting tool and equipment that helps the company to convert its HD content to Ultra, recently we've recieved inHuman trailer that was short with iMax cameras and its format is in Ultra HD also the same as BBCs Planet Earth 2.
TV-Series Space capacity is 1 Petabyte (1PB), we've already used 25% of this space and this type of capacity will help us to upload alot more content in the future.
We do constanly removing ads on our website, this new website will have no ads at all, we've found a much better way to make revenue without ads.